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Many of Shanghai's kindergarten's accept foreign children, and it could be a good opportunity for your child to get a real grounding in Mandarin.

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Shanghai Rainbow Bridge International Kindergarten
2381 Hongqiao Road
TEL: 6269-0913

An International Kindergarten, serving students aged 2 to 6 years old, they currently have students from over 15 different countries. The school is located just inside the Shanghai Zoo. It is an "English Immersion School", with five classrooms staffed by certified teachers. Class size is limited to 16 students, with each class staffed by a head teacher as well as a local, certified assistant teacher.

KinderWorld International Kindergarten
F2, Somerset Grand Shanghai, 8 Jinan Road
TEL: 6386-7880
Fax: 6387-7131

Part of the Singaporean franchise.

Elizabeth Boarding Kindergarten
No.31, Lane 500, East Wuzhong Road
TEL: 6270-2098,
Website: (in Chinese)

An American English teacher and a few foreign kids, from Germany, Japan and America.

Punan Kindergarten
Pudian lu, Pudong
TEL: 5830-1462

Only five foreigners are attending the school at the moment. Classes in English and Chinese.

Shanghai Montessori Kindergarten
1481 Haitian Garden, Huqing Ping Highway
TEL: 5988-5650
Small Tadpole Kindergarten
No.84, 3rd village, Baoshan
TEL: 565605076

Russian, Korean and Australian children, with special classes for music.

Tiny Tots International Pre-School and Kindergarten
No. 43 West Fuxing Road
TEL: 6431-3788
Changning Experimental Kindergarten
629 Maotai lu
TEL: 6259 3113

A Chinese kindergarten that accepts non-Chinese kids, currently there are American, German and Japanese children attending the school. They were a bit reluctant to tell us what was 'experimental' about it...

Children's Literature Kindergarten
East Kang Qiao Garden, Lane 2, Kangshi Lu
TEL: 6812 2658

A Japanese school.

Shanghai Utsukushi Gaoka Montessori Kindergarten
No. 24, Lane 788, Hongxu Lu, Gubei
TEL: 6405-6318

There is a special class for foreign children, all east asian kids.

New Century
181 East Guilin Street
TEL: 6475-2305

Fortune Kindergarten
1361 Dongfeng Road
TEL: 5875-1212

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